September 29, 2023

Downloading & Installing WinDBG

WinDBG is a very useful tool for analysing crash dumps and memory dumps. It is part of the Windows SDK. You can grab it here: Windows 10 SDK Download

Don’t worry if you’re doing this on a Windows 7/8 device, the WinDBG application will work on these OSes.

When you run the SDKSETUP.exe you will be met with the following screen:


Opt in or out here, I usually opt out unless I’m feeling generous!02

Here we are only concerned with the Debugging tools for Windows.03



Browse to the location of the sdksetup.exe file and run it.06

Choose your install location; the default should be fine.07

Again, opting out…



The only available feature to install is Debugging Tools.10



Tada, there’s WinDBG there. There’s a lot more here but we will look at this first.13